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Performance Governance System 

(PGS) is a performance management tool that combines precepts and systems of the Harvard Business School’s Balanced Scorecard with a values-oriented, participatory development philosophy.  Coming from the tenet that good governance is good strategy formulation plus consistent strategy implementation, the elements of the PGS are expected to bring about performance results through a well-developed strategy.  (ISA)


MISSION: To exercise administrative control and operational supervision over the PNP, with the end view of ensuring a highly capable, effective and credible police service
With the guidance of the Almighty, the National Police Commission shall be a highly efficient and effective overseer of a highly capable, credible, and community and service-oriented Philippine National Police and CSOP-compliant LCEs 


Governance mechanisms that pertain to strategy design, strategy execution, and strategy sustainability are plotted throughout the four-stage pathway.  Those that are mainly on the design of the strategy fall under the Initiation Stage, whereas strategy execution and sustainability mechanisms are set up in Compliance and strengthened once Proficiency begins.  Breakthrough results meanwhile begin to emerge by the second or third stage and demonstrate its transformational impact by the last stage, also known as Institutionalization.
“The NAPOLCOM recognizes its crucial role and is desirous to raise the bar of governance through institution-building strategies that will transform itself into a highly capable, efficient and effective overseer of a Community and Service-Oriented Philippine National Police through the Local Chief Executives as Deputies.”

Comr. Rogelio T. Casurao
Vice Chairman and Executive Officer